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I/We understand by submitting this application that I am giving Keystone Realty & Management permission to obtain a credit report and contact employers, landlords, or references to assist in qualifying me to rent the above listed property. I/We further acknowledge that this application is incorporated by reference and made part of any lease agreement, and misrepresentations, misleading/false statements, or failure to meet requirements set forth upon approval later discovered by the lessor may void said lease agreement at option of lessor. I/We understand that if I/We are approved for a property and wish to remove said property from the active market, I/we are required to leave an amount equal to the monthly rent to hold the property. I/We further understand that if I/We later decide not to accept the property for any reason, then I/We will forfeit the given amount in its entirety. I/We acknowledge that damages for my/our failure to accept the property will result in damages to Keystone Realty & Management that are difficult to calculate. For this reason, I/We agree that an amount equal to the monthly rental shall be retained as liquidated damages.

The application fee is NON-REFUNDABLE

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